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"Big Po" - spreading very fast with an exciting transformation!

“Big Po” – spreading very fast with an exciting transformation!

Pop singer Beatrice Egli shares a revealing video on TikTok and goes viral with it.

Beatrice Egli performs a magical transformation. – TikTok / @beatrice_egli_official

The basics in brief

  • Pop star Beatrice Egli undergoes an exciting transformation in a video.
  • Fans are over the moon and eagerly clicking on the clip.

Beatrice Egli (34) discovered the trending app TikTok herself – and it can’t be stopped anymore!

clip choise singer It’s been clicked especially seriously: nearly 900,000 times so far.

In it: Beatrice Egli, Like You’ve Never Seen Her Before. The 34-year-old makes one enchanting transformation Across. From no makeup and only covered in a towel to a diva in a red dress and sexy high heels.

Plus the song “Wiggle” by Jason Derulo (32). In it, the American exuberance: “You know what to do with that big, fat butt: wiggle, wiggle, wiggle…”

Oops! masses The 34-year-old Anyway, we’re over the moon: “You look good, even with a towel on.” And: “This is exactly what we’ve always wanted to see and it was worth the wait!”

Are you on Tik Tok?

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