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Benoit Paire: The scandal professional is angry about his listless appearance

Benoit Paire: The scandal professional is angry about his listless appearance

Benoit Paire

“Shame on Tennis” – Scandal A professional angry about her sloppy appearance

French tennis player Benoit Paire has come under severe criticism for his completely unmotivating performance at the Challenger tournament in Malaga.


Benoit Paire is always causing a stir.


  • Once again, Benoit Paire (ATP 123) is causing a stir with imbalances on the tennis court.

  • The Frenchman looks completely listless during a match in Malaga.

  • He then received a lot of criticism from the Spanish media and fans.

  • Bear himself then commented on his appearance on Instagram.

Pedro Martinez (ATP 116) has probably never won a match so easily in his career. At the Challenger Championship in Malaga, the Spaniard won the first set against Benoit Paire (ATP 123) 6-0, before the Frenchman surrendered prematurely in the second set at 2-4. However, what Bear shows in his mission is also for him The tennis professional known for the pasta scandal abnormal.

The 34-year-old hits the simplest balls several metres. In other races, he doesn’t even try to win the point and lets the whole thing pass without any enthusiasm. In all, Paire won just six points in the first set, a performance bordering on business refusal.

“A pathetic sight”

In the second round, the scandal master improves, at least at first. At 2:2, he has four break points, and can’t capitalize on any of them. As a result, Bear himself broke to make it 2:4 before finally having enough and giving up.

The listless-looking veteran from Avignon does not go unnoticed in the world of sports. While Marca describes the whole thing as a “sad scene”, Mundo Deportivo even talks about the “low point” that Pere could have reached with an “unfortunate performance”. According to the Spanish newspaper, Paire’s performance was a “pathetic spectacle” that angered the audience and left his local rival “puzzled.”

Bear talks about ‘complicated times’

Many tennis fans on social media were also surprised by the Frenchman’s frustrated behaviour. “He should be banned from the ATP Tour for life,” one comment reads. Elsewhere, used on

Other fans are simply outraged and criticize the organizers for even inviting the scandalous professional to the tournament. “The man is a disgrace to professional tennis,” one user wrote. Bear himself also commented on Instagram after the outing in Malaga. The current time is “rather complicated,” the Frenchman writes. “I don’t feel good in my head now when I go to the tennis court,” Bear continues, stressing that it is now up to him to find solutions to have fun again.

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