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Robert Kubica w USA?  Zaskakujące słowa Polaka

Robert Kubica w USA? Zaskakujące słowa Polaka

Fine Materials / Team Orlin / Star: Robert Kubica

Lukács Kučera

– Bardzo could join the WEC Championship – led by Robert Kubica, who managed to achieve victory in the F1 Championship. The slow Polaka will likely be revamped in the IMSA American series.

That was not the case, as the actor represents Robert Kubica in the 2024 season. Download the LMP2 classic With the launch of the Hypercar itself, Polak chooses from the latest categories ścigó w długodystansowych WEC. Ultimately, it played a major role in the racing area of ​​the Hertz Team JOTA, which failed to get a prototype to Porsche.

Kubica Rosemawia for Hertz Jota?

Brytyjczycy who has not achieved any real results, Jackie Milopi by smashing the bug in F1. Zdaniem “Auto Motor und Sport”, both published in 2009, by authors: Robert Kubica, Jenson Button and Sebastian Vettel. Brytyjczyk zdobył tytuł mistrzowski in Formula 1 w roku 2009, Niemiec did not register in 2010-2013.

Kubica na WP SportoweFakty is designed and developed by Hertz Team JOTA. – Information should never be published, and you should never worry, because it will remain so. If I don’t have a baby, I’ll be there, I’ll be here, I’ll be there for you at this time. This is very important for you. Rosmoy promotion. You are welcome to visit us. Mówiłem, że po 24h Le Mans sprawy się ruszą and ruszyły. Even if you have a lot of power, you will have to pay for it in two different ways.

ZOBACZ WIDEO: Polski mistrz szczerze or swojej przemianie. “Blim Lupozyme”

Kierowca Orlen’s team managed to qualify for Warszawie, defeating Rajdu Polski in the WRC calendar, by making or eventually going out in Formula 1 with his remaining turn. – Now you can focus on WEC. To never do this, the initial Hypercarem, which specializes in the production of new kidneys, is the best. It gives priority to the greatest amount of assistance, as it is set to the correct position. Uncheck whether F1 theme is available or not. Tak never never. If you wish, you can enjoy the program – dodał Kubica.

Kubica also has the opportunity to join the practice of Alpha Tauri, sponsor of the 2023 edition of Orlen, but also with the help of możliwość. -Turn on the phone, turn off F1, then turn me off. You will never be able to do anything with anything you, by the way, want to do and strive for. Never go to the city. What is the reason for this situation? Zwłaszcza że na pierwszym miejscu and prezesa obajtka zawsze było to, żeby ta współpraca mnie nie ograniczała – wyjaśnił swój dot widzenia.

What program do you want to do?

Every time the history of Formula 1 is written, “the 24 Hours of Le Mans Hypercar ushers in a new discipline for Formula 1 Grand Prix racing around the world.” Równocześnie Kubica zaskoczył dziennikarzy, gdy powiedział or możliwym dodatkowym Programme wyścigowym is designed for the 2024 season.

– How to use the Program – Wielu to Robi, Yes to Robiłem przez trzy lata in mam swoje przemyślenia na ten topics. I had a great time in the WEC, and I was never able to stop at 100 points. You can also enter the wrong place (F1 – drop. aut.). Bardzo can enjoy what is in the WEC, and wants to be himself – podzial Kubica.

What is słowa 38-latka? If you don’t know what’s going on, you can’t wait to see what’s happening. Developed through a whole series of competitions, the Cupich was introduced as the European Le Mans Series from the American IMSA Championship. ELMS music powers LMP2 too, thanks to the use of IMSA by Hypercary, as Pollack can also replay it in the same way with WEC. W IMSA starts from the same person as the owner – Louis Deletraz.

Kubica will participate in the 2022 CONIC Championship via’s mobile platform, which is “opt-in” with IMSA, all issues in the race program from the WEC and F1. – IMSA stanowi coś, czego pewnego dnia chciałbym doświadczyć – powiedział wtedy polski kierowca. What is the reason for this situation? Since IMSA has joined brands like Porsche and Cadillac, which will join the WEC.

Croc Od Meisterzostwa w LMP2

Zanem Kubica begins his new season in 2024, where he will start working in Czechia. The WRT is also part of the WEC and LMP2 categories. Belgium scored 135 points, which is among the “general” Inter Europol competitions – 102.

Kubica obecnie mierza po tytuł w class LMP2

In the 8-hour list from Bahrain, the maximum 39 points were scored, and Kobeci scored in the last 33 minutes from Warsaw. -If you saw something like this, you’d be able to see what’s going on. The position you want is best. We are happy, we are happy, we are here, we are waiting for 24 hours a day, we are waiting for you. This is a great example of LMP2, but a good example of the podium. Obyśmy w Bahrajnie postawili kropkę nad i – przeanalizował sytuację Kubica.

With WRT produced by Kubicą świętowało tytuł in Bahrain, you should end up with the latest fashion trends. – Why don’t you worry about anything, but it’s hard to do anything. Musimy jednak zakończyć swoje zadanie – podsumował polski kierowca.

Łukasz Kuczera, dziennikarz WP SportoweFakty

Temperature 80 hours. C. Zwymiotował do kasku podczas GP Kataru
“Zaczyna się pogarszać wzrok, puls bije jak szalony.” Kierowcy na skraju wyczerpania