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Beatrice Egli has “A Bone to Pick” with Barbara Schoenberger

Beatrice Egli has “A Bone to Pick” with Barbara Schoenberger

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In her question “Do you understand pleasure?”, Barbara Schoenberger once again made fun of celebrities, and Beatrice Egli had it very poorly. She still had something to clarify with the broker.

BERLIN – On Saturday evening (March 30), a new version of the program “Do You Understand Pleasure?” will be shown. With the show's director Barbara Schönberger (50 years old) – and this time too, the 50-year-old welcomes A-list guests in her studio. Among the invitees are broadcaster Thomas Gottschalk (73 years old), former professional footballer Toni Polster (60 years old), actress Stephanie Stumpf (39 years old), internet star Sally Ozcan (35 years old), actor Thomas Heinz (60 years old), and presenter Dominic Paul. (52 years old) and Bob. Singer Beatrice Egli (35). The latter now reveals the first insight into her latest experience 'Do You Understand Pleasure?'.

“Really targeted”: Beatrice Egli wrote in the question “Do you understand pleasure?”

Director Nikolai Durler has already said a few words about the upcoming version of the show previously. In his Instagram post, he refers to the prank played on Beatrice Egli as part of the “Do you understand the fun?” “Beatrice Egli, to be honest, in over 30 years of being active in ‘Do You Understand Pleasure?’ and over 1000 feature films, Uploading with Beatrice Egli is one of the top 5 uploads of my life!”, he declared. Online manager.

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Beatrice Egli is now also talking about the show: “Tonight at 8:15 p.m., I'm a guest on 'Do You Understand Fun?' on 1st! 'My dear colleague Barbara Schoenberger really targeted me and I literally felt abandoned by all the good souls,'” she says. “Do you understand the fun?” in the show-studio show each other, said the Instagram post, which included the pop singer and the other two nominees.

“To Pick a Bone with Barbara”: Beatrice Egli in the “Do you understand the fun” prank?

The 35-year-old continues: “Obviously I still have a passion to go with Barbara after this experience, right?” It seems as if Barbara Schoenberger's prank had a negative effect on Beatrice Egli. In “Do You Understand the Fun?”, the pop singer will go into more detail about the prank she was subjected to and explain how she felt during and afterward. Viewers are hoping to know if she has forgiven the show host for the prank.

The “Do you understand the fun?” joke was performed. As part of the recording of Beatrice Egli's podcast 'Egli Extrem' – the 35-year-old was put in a terrifying horror situation. Sources used: