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King Charles III without a candidate: 'I can't stand him'

King Charles III without a candidate: 'I can't stand him'

Royal drama with a happy ending? In a touching gesture King Charles III He paid tribute to the same man he once described as “terrible” in an infamous gaffe: BBC correspondent Nicholas Witchell. An experienced reporter who has covered the royal family for decades is stepping down — and receiving unexpected royal recognition!

King Charles III was surprised by these words

Let's remember: It was a frosty encounter in the snow-covered Swiss Alps that caused a royal stir. In 2005, Charles participated in a cozy photo shoot Prince William And Prince Harry His true feelings for BBC reporter Witchell leaked through a throwaway comment. The phrase “I can't stand this man. He's so terrible” became an example of the tense relationship between members of the royal family and the press.

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But now, nearly two decades later, the king is showing a completely different side. In a personal letter said to have been read during an intimate ceremony, Charles joked about the “highs and lows” of their shared history. One insider even described the message as “warm and generous.” A royal medal that stunned the audience and caused an emotional wave.

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Nicholas Witchell himself, who had an impressive career when he retired, did not comment on this honorable mention. But in the past he described the memorable incident as “the best thing that ever happened to me.” He stresses that the journalist's job is not to seek recognition, but rather to present reports in an impartial and accurate manner.