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Harsh criticism from royal author: New book slams Meghan: 'Learn nothing'

Harsh criticism from royal author: New book slams Meghan: 'Learn nothing'

Meghan in particular was harshly criticized by writer Lady Colin Campbell. The royal expert doesn't mince her words.

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There's a new investigative book on shelves in Great Britain: author Colin Campbell is a huge hit. Meghan doesn't know what she did to the royal family and is 'not learning her lesson'.

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  • Some royal authors hit the keys after Harry's book 'Spare Parts' and slammed the exiled couple.
  • The leader is Lady Colin Campbell, always firing against the Sussexes and defending the British crown.
  • Meghan in particular is criticized for never looking for flaws in herself.

Royal fans can't wait: Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan have a new tell-all book. It comes from one of her harshest critics, best-selling author and royal columnist Lady Colin Campbell.

The new version of her book “Meghan and Harry: The True Story” is currently causing a stir in Great Britain.

again “Mirror” He writes that the book has been on the shelves since yesterday, April 4. The introduction reads: “An analysis of what happens when a vulnerable man falls in love with an aspiring feminist.” The book also explores “the conflict between two civilizations, customs and attitudes.”

Strong critic of Meghan

“It tells the story of how this seemingly wonderful couple lost each other, how they turned their backs on an institution hundreds of years old and completely lost their edge,” says the author.

According to The Mirror, Dame Coleen Campbell makes no secret of her hatred for Meghan and Harry. This has been happening since Megxit migrated to California. The Duchess, for example, doesn't care what she did to the royal family.

“She doesn't learn her lesson and blames everyone but herself,” Campbell said.

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