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Beatrice Egli and Florian Silberisen talked about love rumors on TV

Egli and Silberisen talk about love rumors

“Are we together now or separated?”

On the TV show “Schlager des Sommers,” Beatrice Egli and Florian Silberezen not only sing a duet together, but also respond to a rumor that they should be a couple.


What’s going on between Beatrice Egli and Florian Celebesan?

Beatrice Egli (34) and Florian Silberizen (41) are fellow performers on stage. Apart from that? Rumors about a possible relationship between the musicians continue to spread. In the “Schlager des Sommers” show, these are also activated.

There are a lot of headlines about us. Week after week,” Florian Silberisen tells Beatrice Egli. “Now I don’t know at the moment: are we together or separated?” Then the Swiss replies: “Don’t always believe everything that exists. But I won’t say more about it.”