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The British Royal Family: This is their new center of power

After William and Kate moved in

This is the new power center of the British royal family

Prince William and Duchess Kate moved in. Thus, the center of power of the members of the royal family has also shifted.


Kate and William announced on Monday that they will be staying at Adelaide Cottage near Windsor Castle from September.

According to one expert, the move of the Queen’s grandson Prince William, 40, and his family cements Windsor Castle’s position as the new center of power for the royal family.

Craig Prescott of Bangor University told dpa in London that Queen Elizabeth II (96) is now permanently residing at the property in west London. “The Queen is increasingly accompanied on appointments by another member of the royal family, and the proximity to Windsor Castle will make that a little easier,” Prescott said. In addition, the Queen is increasingly dependent on heir to the throne Prince Charles (73) and his son William when it comes to issues of the monarchy and the royal family. “It would also be easier.”