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Top 12 Beaches of 2024, Thailand

Top 12 Beaches of 2024, Thailand

Pattaya Beach is popular among Asian tourists. Not for the quality of sea water, but as a selfie, especially at festivals and at sunset. Photo: Janner

Pattaya: The world-famous Pattaya Beach was named 12th best beach in the world in this year's Golden Beach Awards 2024. The honor was given by the English-language website Beach Atlas, which annually selects the 100 best beaches in the world.

The rankings are based on the votes of tourists, photographers and influencers, who rate criteria such as beauty, classicism, party atmosphere, lifestyle, value to the local community, natural diversity and cultural importance.

Pattaya Mayor Poramit Ngampishit expressed his pride in the beach's performance. “The unique beauty of Pattaya Beach, created by its vibrant multi-cultures, makes it one of the most attractive places in the world. Pattaya is not just a sports city and tourism centre, but also a meeting, incentives, conferences, exhibitions and entertainment center and a family-friendly destination.

In addition to Pattaya Beach, two other Thai beaches also made it to the top 100 list: Maya Bay on Koh Phi Phi came in at an impressive fifth place, and Railay Beach in Krabi was listed at number 66. Bora Bora Beach in French Polynesia took the top spot in 2024 , followed by Boulders Beach in South Africa, and Waikiki Beach in the United States.

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), Asian Vibes and the World's 100 Best Beaches helped promote this award. Pattaya City is using this opportunity to enhance its diversity and hospitality and attract visitors from all over the world. The Mayor also stressed the city's commitment to attracting tourists through major events throughout the year and establishing Pattaya as a global destination.