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Eurovision Song Contest: Hidden pro-Palestine messages

Eurovision Song Contest: Hidden pro-Palestine messages

There was singing and secret protests. At the Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö, there were plenty of subtle pro-Palestinian messages from the stars.

A hidden message on the nails of Portuguese singer Yolanda. – Getty Images

The basics in a nutshell

  • The Economic and Social Council has become more political than ever before.
  • Many stars use hidden messages in a pro-Palestinian direction.
  • However, stars are strictly prohibited from doing so.

It should have been the happiest music festival in Europe…it should have been!

Because this year's Eurovision Song Contest was perhaps the most political of all.

This is what the Israeli candidate felt. Eden Golan, 20, was the focus of political controversy and security concerns.

The police prepared with a large deployment, even bringing in reinforcements from Denmark and Norway. ESC singer Golan, for example, was asked to leave her hotel only for rehearsals, press events and appearances. There was always a bodyguard by her side.

There were violent demonstrations in Malmö beforehand. Climate icon Greta Thunberg (21 years old) was arrested during a pro-Palestine demonstration.

He also surprised many stars on the ECOSOC stage with hidden pro-Palestine messages. This is despite the fact that candidates are strictly prohibited from showing their political affiliation during the competition.

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Great, where else can you do something like this?


Portuguese singer Yolanda (29 years old) showed off her protest on her nails – in the colors of the Palestinian keffiyeh.

Yolanda's nails have a political meaning. – Corner stone

This is the hijab worn by the Arab world. As she said at the end of her presentation: “Peace will prevail.”

ESC: Many protests marred the peaceful festival

Irish star Bambi Thug (31 years old) also took advantage of the embassy opportunity. In the ESC final, Bambi said: “Love will conquer hate.”

She is said to have written a secret message in Ogam script on her body during training.

Irish contestant Bambi Thug had mysterious writings on her body. – Screenshot X

Written in the early medieval alphabet, this can be read on its obverse: 'The Witch's Crown'. In German it means “witch's crown.”

Bambi Thug from Ireland. – Corner stone

Bambi Thug had even originally written “Ceasefire” and “Freedom for Palestine” in this font during rehearsals…then the organizers asked Bambi to remove them.

Australia hidden embassy

The Australian participants also concealed a political message in their ESC performance. Above all, Fred Lyon, the didgeridoo player.

He explained on his Instagram page after the show the watermelon symbol on his chest. The musician said it was a pro-Palestinian message.

Fred Leona is at the ESC with a secret message on his chest. – Instagram/Friedlon

“This is a watermelon on my chest. From the river to the sea! 200 million people watched and celebrated. While thousands of innocent children, mothers and fathers died in the genocide.”

ESK: Criticism also came from Sweden

Swedish singer Eric Saadeh (33 years old), who was one of three previous participants who opened the competition in Malmö, also caught the eye.

He tied the keffiyeh around his wrist. It is considered one of the symbols of support for Palestine in the Middle East conflict.

Singer Eric Saadeh with a keffiyeh on his wrist. – Corner stone

By the way, Eric Saadeh himself is of Palestinian origin. He finished third to Sweden in 2011 and has spoken out against Israel's participation several times.

In addition to Saada, Eleni Fourera (37 years old), who finished second in Cyprus in 2018, also appeared with the scarf. The musician Chanel (32 years old), who won third place for Spain in 2022, also came with the keffiyeh.