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So yes? The truth about him and Sharon Batiste

Christian Polanque speaks in plain language!

At the recent “Let’s Dance” show (March 24), things didn’t go well for Christian Polanque and Sharon Batiste. They really couldn’t impress the jury with their quick step and straightened up Once 19 points, he had to shudder at the end even with Massimo Senato (42) and Sali Ozcan (36) – who were ultimately eliminated. And although they are Then he got to the next round, The poor performance made viewers once again question the relationship between the professional and the TV star – so much so that Christian Polanque had to comment back on his weekly Instagram Live video.

Although she is 44 years old Annoyed again Through conflict speculation and constant headlines, it’s been hinted that he and Sharon may have had at least some minor tooth problems. It is to explain:

As in a good relationship, there are things that run fast. There are super fast people on the same wavelength And there are those who interfere in it. I am very proud and I said it yesterday, how do we develop together as a team, how do we trust… Not everyone can always be given full confidence right away. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t work right away, but making a shoe out of it, such nonsense …

A professional explained “Let’s Dance” openly.

But he made it clear that he and Sharon are not affected by the headlines and allegations: “Sharon, we won’t let this get us down!” And because the two get along so well, the 31-year-old should have made it clear more than once recently. After it became known that there would be a partner exchange for the first time in the story “Let’s Dance”, the former “Bachelorette” burst into tears and announced that she did not want to part with Christian Polanque. Thank God the partner exchange is at least for a live show only…

“Let’s Dance” plays Fridays at 8:15pm on RTL and anytime RTL+.

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