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Third win in the third match: Switzerland defeats World Cup hosts the Czech Republic on penalties

Third win in the third match: Switzerland defeats World Cup hosts the Czech Republic on penalties

The Swiss hockey team also beat the host Czech Republic in the World Cup.

Corner stone

Switzerland also won the third match in this year's World Cup. Coach Patrick Fischer's team defeated its host, the Czech Republic, 2-1 after a penalty shootout.

When the World Cup finals were held in Prague for the last time in 2015, the confrontation between these two teams also went to penalty kicks when the score was 1-1. By then, Kevin Fiala had scored the only Swiss goal to make it 1-0. But this time, the ice buddies had the upper hand. While Fiala and Filip Coracho managed to win, goalkeeper Leonardo Ginone only lost to Davos striker Matej Stransky.

The Swiss were able to rely on strong play again in regular time. When Czech captain Roman Cervenka had to go to the penalty box in the 13th minute, officials sent five NHL players to the ice: Roman Josi, Nico Hischier, Nino Niederreiter, Curaccio and Fiala. After 44 seconds, the score became 1-0 in favor of Switzerland.

Fiala caught NHL goaltender Lukas Dostal at the near post. The man from eastern Switzerland, who works for the Los Angeles Kings, arrived in Prague just hours before the game after becoming a father to his daughter earlier than expected. As the game went on, Fiala's jet lag became somewhat noticeable.

The 1-0 goal was Switzerland's seventh goal in this tournament. The previous night, they scored five goals against Austria (6:5). In addition to continued strong play, the play in the box can be improved. In the 36th minute, the Swiss team conceded its fourth goal in the reduced eighth World Cup match, which is a bad number.

Disciplined defensive lines

The powerful Matej Stranský was responsible for the equalizer which gave Ginoni no chance. What was bitter for the Swiss was that the rulers fell into the swallow's trap. At least they survived a penalty in the final period for the second time in this game.

The shooting percentage after 60 minutes was 25:21 in favor of the Swiss. They drew the right conclusions from the duel against Austria, in which they revealed many weaknesses in the defense. However, because the Czechs also defended very disciplined, there were only a few shots from dangerous positions.

When Kurashev was alone in front of Dorsal in the 43rd minute, he made a mistake. In the 52nd minute, Ginoni blocked a stunning shot after stumbling and a failed pass on Jacob Flick's stick. So it was not without a certain logic that the decision was made only by penalty kicks.

The Swiss now enjoy a second day of rest before facing Great Britain on Wednesday evening.

Live tape for further reading

  • The third win in the third match

    Ginoni saved four of five Czech penalty kicks, leading Switzerland to its third successive victory. Fiala's penalty kick, completely carried by Dostal, is worth watching, and Kurashev also hits it ice-cold.

  • Flick shoots! Switzerland wins over the Czechs!

  • Jozy fails to take the penalty kick against Dostal

  • Genoni holds again! Now Josie can explain everything

  • Lovell puts the penalty kick on the post

  • Genoni holds! This puts Switzerland in the lead

  • Too bad for Switzerland! Kurashev takes the penalty kick

  • Goal for the Czech Republic! Stransky equalizes again

  • Too bad for Switzerland! Fiala loads Dostal and scores goals!

  • Ginoni holds on – it's still a tie

  • Andrighetto goes first and misses

  • It's going to penalties

    The Swiss cannot take advantage of the majority and extra time is over, and it goes to penalty kicks.

  • 65.

    Power play for Switzerland

    Kempný has to go to the penalty area after an illegal check on Kukan.

  • Minute 63

    Kokan and Ginoni are there

    Kukan barely blocks a dangerous cross from the Czech Republic with his skate. Then Genoni is there. It continues.

  • Minute 60

    1:1 – Goes into extra time

    The 60 minutes are over, and the draw is fair. Now the extra point will be decided in extra time.

  • Minute 59

    Hischier is back

    There are a lot of interruptions now, and the time is slowly approaching 60 years. Good for Switzerland – Hischier is back now.

  • Minute 57

    Hischier has to go to the locker room bleeding

    Hischier leaves his opponent standing in front of goal with a brilliant turn and finishes directly in front of Dostal. The Czech goalkeeper is able to make the save and Hischier has to go to the locker room with a bleeding cut on his face. He appears to have been hit by a skate on the ice.

  • Minute 54

    Stransky loses the lead to the Czech Republic

    Stransky moves away centrally in front of goal. But fortunately the wrist shot went wide of the goal.

  • Minute 52

    Switzerland is lucky

    Ginoni wants to play, but he puts the puck directly on a Czech stick. He shoots towards the empty goal, but the Swiss goalkeeper throws his hand into the shot just in time. No goal.

  • Minute 52

    Chance Andrighetto

    The Swiss overcome the neutral zone with two passes. Andrighetto has plenty of space on the left and shoots the ball. Failed on Dostal's shoulder.

  • Minute 46

    The toys in the box survived

    Switzerland stands strong when outnumbered. There are 14 minutes left for the winning goal.

  • Minute 44

    Power play for the Czech Republic

    Ampol has to go to the penalty area for two minutes.

  • Minute 43

    Kurashev wastes a great opportunity to take the initiative

    Thurkov reacts immediately when the Czech lies on the ice and plays a free Kurashev, who finishes the game alone in front of Dostal. However, the puck flies over the goal.

  • Minute 42

    The Czech Republic is complete again

    Switzerland's strong play is not leading to any goals. The score is still 1:1

  • Minute 41

    The beginning of the last third

    It continues. Switzerland begins the final third with a majority.

  • Minute 40

    Powerplay Switzerland

    Eight seconds before the end of the second half, the Czech received a penalty kick for tripping. Then it's a break. Switzerland will begin the final third with a majority.

  • Minute 37

    The Swiss are under pressure

    Now the hall is boiling and the Czechs are throwing everything forward. Kubalik can shoot twice, but Ginoni holds on. A third shot missed the Swiss goal. Shortly thereafter, Hischier missed an opportunity. Now it's really peppery.

  • Minute 36

    Goal for the Czech Republic!

    This time, Switzerland will not be able to withstand its numerical superiority. It only took 11 seconds for Stransky, who had just returned from the penalty area, to score with a powerful shot to make it 1-1.

  • Minute 36

    Powerplay Czech Republic

    Kurashev and Niederreiter have to go to Switzerland, while Ruta and Beranek have to go to the Czech Republic. Once the ball is played, Siegenthaler fouls his opponent without the puck and incurs a stupid penalty. Power play for the Czech Republic.

  • Minute 36

    The Czech Republic is complete again

    The Swiss create many chances, but cannot convert any of them, so the score remains 1-0 at the moment. Shortly after the end of the power play, emotions ran high in front of the Czech goal, and it was likely that there would be more penalties.

  • Minute 34

    Power play for Switzerland

    Stransky has to go to the penalty area for two minutes. Can Switzerland strike again with a majority?

  • Minute 34

    Fiala missed 2-0

    Similar to the first goal, Fiala comes over the side again, but this time Dostal misses his shot.

  • Minute 31

    The toys in the box survived

    Cervenka finishes the ball from a dangerous position, but Jozy blocks it. Shortly afterwards, Siegenthaler was able to free the ball and shortly afterwards the two-minute penalty was over.

  • Minute 29

    Power play for the Czech Republic

    Kevin Fiala obstructs the Czech and sends him into the penalty area.

  • Minute 27

    The defense is there

    Czech attacks now come in regular waves, but the Swiss are really strong defensively and are blocking one attack after another.

  • Minute 23

    The Czech Republic misses the equalizer

    After a lightning attack by the Czechs, Cervenka was able to launch a wonderful pass to his colleague Kessie in front of the goal, but he clearly missed his shot.

  • Minute 21


    The players are back, the middle third is underway.

  • Minute 20


    After the first third, Switzerland took a 1-0 lead over its host, the Czech Republic. Kevin Fiala scores the goal – and the new father plays a very strong third role. The Swiss team was also at its best defensively so far.

  • Minute 14

    Goooooool for Switzerland!

    The Swiss need only 44 seconds to be in the majority before they arrive. It's a stroke of genius from Kevin Fiala, who, coming from the side, sees a gap over Dostal's shoulder and exploits it mercilessly. 1-0 to Switzerland.

  • Minute 13

    Power play for Switzerland

    After a shot was blocked by the Swiss, Cervenka blocked his opponent Bertschi with the stick between his legs and ended up in the penalty area. Can Switzerland benefit?

  • Ten minutes

    A goal was prevented

    The Czechs were able to do a bit more offensively in the opening phase. Cassie had the best chance on the stick in the 10th minute, but a Swiss man was able to clear the puck in time.

  • Sixth minute

    First stampede

    Fists flying in front of the Czech goal. Niederreiter and Jäger are right in the middle and define their presence.

  • The fourth minute

    Fast pace

    The game starts at a very high pace. However, there are no great opportunities yet.

  • First minute

    Let's go!

    Players are on the ice, the game is on.

  • Preview

    Fiala from the plane straight onto the ice

    Kevin Fiala only arrived in Prague today, but he will be on the ice immediately for the match against the Czech Republic. He replaces Tristan Cherui in the lineup.

  • Preview

    Needs an increase in performance

    Without being entirely convincing, Switzerland lived up to its role as favorites at the start of the World Cup. Coach Patrick Fischer's team beat Norway 5-2 and Austria 6-5. In the confrontation with the World Cup hosts from the Czech Republic, which also started the tournament with two victories, a clear increase in performance was now needed, especially in defence.

  • Preview

    Sounds for the match against Austria

  • Preview

    Welcome …

    …And welcome to the National Hockey Team's third World Cup game. Today, Patrick Fischer's team faces the Czech Republic. Kick-off is at 8:20pm. The game is available here in the bar.