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Thanks to Nemo, double the chance for Switzerland

Thanks to Nemo, double the chance for Switzerland


ESC 2025 is coming to Nemo Land: double chance for Switzerland

Nemo has defeated the Swiss ESC shock. But now it's time to look forward: can Switzerland, as the regulator, help do better in 2025 than Malmö did last time? comment.

What are the reasons why Switzerland did not win the Eurovision Song Contest after 1988? Resentment against a rich country, non-membership in the European Union, disadvantages of voting in the diaspora… they are all excuses! That has been clear since Saturday night when Nemo triumphed in Malmo.

Patriotic sentiment: Nemo brings the Eurovision Song Contest to Switzerland.

Photograph: Martin Messner/AP

In the end, it is not political factors that decide, but rather the song and artistic performance. Nemo was unbeatably good. For our music editor Stefan Kunzli, who has been writing about ESC for 25 years, one thing is certain: the song has it all in terms of drama and authenticity, and Nemo performs it beautifully with song and dance. The jury and audience awarded this with more than 500 points.

Nemo saves Switzerland from ESC shock. And it gives her a double chance:

The host of ESC 2025 could present itself as a cosmopolitan, fun-loving and colorful nation. Having recently failed at major event projects (the Olympics), good for her. There may also be momentum for the Women's European Football Championship, which starts shortly afterwards.

Nemo embodies inclusion

In addition, Switzerland has the opportunity to contribute to ensuring that the Economic and Social Council becomes what it really wants to be: a celebration of inclusion, and an event that includes everyone. Unfortunately, what we remember from Malmö is not only Nemo's performance and joy, but also the obscene slogans at the demonstrations – and the whistles in the hall when the Israeli singer sang. Hate speech against women simply because of their nationality? Anti-Semitism at Woke's favorite event? Unfortunately, Malmö was also a festival of hypocrisy.

Nemo is the embodiment of fusion and can not only sing, but also talk. After the cup was broken, Nemo quickly said: Maybe the ESC also needs to be repaired. It would be nice if Switzerland contributed to the reforms.