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Max Franz springt mit seine Skiern spektakulär durch die Lüfte.

Bad fall in USA: ski star breaks legs

Austrian ski rider Max Franz has been seriously injured in training and will miss the entire World Cup season. The 33-year-old’s injury is so serious that he needs surgery on both his legs that same evening.

The 33-year-old fell on Sunday during a downhill session in Copper Mountain, USA, and sustained an open fracture of the lower leg of the left leg, a complex fracture of the lower leg of the right leg and an injury to the right arm, as the Austrian Ski Association announced on Monday. The speed specialist underwent surgery on both legs in the United States on Sunday.

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“Max started swinging really hard in a double spin on the left, then fell into the goal with his upper body and then fell. It is very unfortunate because he has big plans for this season. For our speed team he is a huge weakness,” said Marco Pfeiffer, Men’s Sporting Director Alpine skiing, “I hope Max comes back as soon as possible.”

Due to the crash of the manufactured gate, Franz fell and rolled several times. This also resulted in both legs of the Carinthia native being broken.

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For Franz, who has already celebrated three World Cup victories in his career, this is not the first serious downfall. Six years ago he fell while training at the legendary Hanenkamm Race and injured his knee and wrist. In the same place, only three years later, the next infection occurred. He fell again and this time broke his heel bone. Winter has passed. Just like now.