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Are Prince Harry and Meghan to blame for the stalking?

What really happened that evening?

But the police and photographers present see things a little differently. So the two will be hopelessly exaggerated in their portrayal. It is becoming more and more difficult to transport them.

But now new records are coming into play – and they can finally shed light on the darkness!

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Are you buying the haunting story from Harry and Meghan?

Yes, you can see how it was swarming with paparazzi.


No, they must have exaggerated.


In the “Bild” photos, you can see how a black SUV blocks a street in midtown Manhattan. It allegedly belongs to Harry and Meghan’s column. Oops!

The driver got out and started arguing with the police officers. The paparazzi also flew around the car. Until now, nothing is known about what exactly happened.

However, that moment could have contributed to the whole mess. Because Sussex security spoke of “dozens of vehicles: cars, motorbikes and bicycles”.

On the other hand, Prince Harry and his wife Megan’s taxi driver describe slightly different scenes. “I don’t think I would call it a stalking,” he told The Washington Post. He never felt in danger.