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Fail Tuesday

05/23/2023, 04:3605/23/2023, 07:40

Madeline Siegrist

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good morning, good morning! What a beautiful day today!

Why this motive? So. It’s Tuesday after all, and we’ve got a few fails in store that should make you happy today. Any objections?



Let’s not waste time!

Let’s start with: cake. For everyone who celebrates his birthday today.

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It continues with a swing wedding dance.

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A bit of sport in between.

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We don’t laugh.

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Maybe we shouldn’t have bought him that.

Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes …

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Great performance, but anyway.

How upset he is with the man in the white shirt. 😂

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She’s fine, she’s fine, maybe she’s drunk.

Maybe she should have chosen to save the beer after all. in its occurrence.

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frog of the day:

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Oh, slow motion trick.

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Come here again Some pictures …

Pet store employees are not to be messed with…

Pet Shop Fail: I Bite

Although I am generally friendly, I can bite when I get scared.

Poor Uncle Dave.

Uncle Dave's sausage

Uncle Dave’s sausage.

Set up porches, Lord!

The balcony fails to rise
The balcony fails to rise

Photo: reddit

Then rather something here.

The balcony skyscraper fails

When your boss tells you that as soon as you finish your work, you can go for the weekend:

Sopt Stop Fail

Photo: facebook

There are other failures of the build in the slideshow:

Continue below…


These 17 photos show that architects and designers are having a bad day, too


Car door failure: the latch falls off

How happy the kitten is for the little bath. lovable.

Tuesday fail: a cat taking a bath

title of the week.

Headlines: Teachers confiscate student DJ booth

Teachers confiscate disco clothes from a 12-year-old boy who throws a rave down the school toilets.

So we understand each other correctly: failure is totality.

Online shopping: expectation versus reality

Online Shopping Fail: Sexy Santa Costume

What a cute couple. 😍

Perplexing perspective: a man and a woman on a motorbike

You’re a loser if you see that too.

We wish you the same, thank you!

T-shirt fail: Have a nice day

day… the …it’s all the same.

Can anyone solve?

Failing Tuesday: Signs of Chaos and Bad Design

It is not a failure if it succeeds.

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Let me help you man! I’ll save you!

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Bonus win

Dogs are quite snappy and hate postmen. All of them!

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now you! Post your hilarious fails in the comments and make sure Felidy never stops!


Another Tuesday flop from my adulthood archive? gladly:

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26 baffling animal pictures that will make you look tough

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The ultimate beverage test – and the watsons fail in the slightest

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