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ANA explains the process: This is how Airbus A320 Neo engines are inspected

ANA explains the process: This is how Airbus A320 Neo engines are inspected

ANA All Nippon Airways is also affected by the issue with the US manufacturer’s engines. Therefore the airline also has to cancel flights. It explains in detail how to check engines.

The abbreviation AOG is not something people like to use in aviation. It means planes on the ground. So for an aircraft that cannot take off and therefore cannot carry paying passengers. By 2026, it is expected that 350 A320 family aircraft will be AOG aircraft worldwide each year. Reason: Pratt & Whitney engines experienced anomalies in metal powder formation during production.

This is forcing airlines around the world to adjust their plans. For example, Lufthansa is flying older aircraft longer than planned in order to compensate for breakdowns of the aircraft being inspected. Now ANA All Nippon Airways has also commented on how the issue will affect the Japanese airline. A total of 33 aircraft were affected by the problem, including 11 A320 Neo and 22 A321 Neo aircraft. ANA will begin inspections in January.

30 flights canceled daily

For this reason, the airline is forced to cancel about 30 flights per day. Overall, 3.6% of flights planned between January and March will be cancelled, the airline wrote. It is also possible that there will be cancellations after March. The airline will provide information about this later.

The ANA explains exactly how to conduct the necessary inspections. The inspection takes 250 to 300 days for each engine. During inspections, engines are checked for defects using ultrasonic devices. If defects are found, parts must be replaced.

Different segments are affected

The parts are different drive discs (see drawing below) – rotating discs that attach to the drive shaft and hold the blades in position. They are located in two places in the engine.

(Illustration: Pratt & Whitney)

Affected are PW1100G-JM type engines. The A320 Neo family aircraft are available with engines from two manufacturers. A total of about 3,000 engines are affected by the current issue. In addition to Pratt & Whitney engines, Leap-1A engines are also available from CFM International. Lufthansa’s Eurowings, among others, fly with these aircraft.