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Supposedly, YouTube is serious about banning ad blockers

Supposedly, YouTube is serious about banning ad blockers

No more carrots? The video platform is taking stricter action against users who want to consume ad-free content without paying. Image: Cornerstone

YouTube appears to be expanding its efforts to eliminate ad blockers. This is supposed to be universal.

The platform, under Google Group Alphabet, has launched a “global initiative” to “encourage” users to allow advertising or subscribe to (paid) YouTube Premium. A YouTube spokesperson explained this to US media outlet The Verge.

YouTube notice about ad blockers.

This is the message YouTube displays when your ad blocker is activated.Screenshot: Edge

YouTube had already confirmed in June that it would not play videos for users using ad blockers, but said at the time that this was just a “small global experiment.” The American company has now expanded these efforts.

“If you continue to use ad blockers, we may prevent videos from playing.”


Whether on a PC or smartphone: In the past few weeks, more and more users with ad blockers installed are unable to watch YouTube videos. This also comes from one Report from technology blog Android Authority Outside.

A YouTube spokesperson asserted that “the use of ad blockers” violates the platform’s terms of service, adding that ads support a “diverse ecosystem of creators around the world” and provide billions of people with free access to their favorite content.

According to The Verge, YouTube has already made several changes to the way it delivers ads on its platform this year.

The company introduced non-skippable 30-second commercials on its TV app in May, and later began experimenting with longer but less frequent commercial breaks.

Perhaps YouTube hopes that longer ad breaks will encourage more users to choose ad-free YouTube Premium Subscription to sign up. This costs 15.90 francs per month in this country, and 9.50 francs for students.

There’s also a “family plan”: for 23.50 francs per month, up to five people can access YouTube Premium and YouTube Music.

What should you do?

Advertising funds the content and the people who create the content, and this is also the case with Watson. Unfortunately, criminals are trying to take advantage of Internet users’ fatigue with ads. They post links to ad blockers that are supposed to be good, but could be spam or malware.

So, before you fall for a very tempting ad blocker offer, do your research. We refrain from naming specific products here. We would really appreciate it if you would support us in any way you can. 🙏



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