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According to the manufacturer, Asus Zenfone will stay with us

According to the manufacturer, Asus Zenfone will stay with us

Even if the overall demand seems huge, small smartphones are very difficult to sell. It’s very hard that Apple officially had to get rid of the iPhone mini a few years ago.

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Will you buy a smaller phone in the future?

Yes, they are all very big now.


No, I make bigger phones.


It doesn’t matter, the main thing is to look beautiful.


The same fate seems to be catching up with the Asus Zenfone, which has been considered one of the best small Android phones for years. At least that’s what the supposed inside information currently circulating on the Internet would expect. “Asus Zenfone 10 is the last of its kind”, or something like that. Now the manufacturer speaks plain language.

The fact that the Zenfone 10 that was launched in the summer will not have a successor is nothing more than a rumor. Upon request, Asus has this opposite As explained again. The statement said that the Zenfone 10 is not the last generation of the series, and there are no plans to discontinue the production line.

The official statement states that the manufacturer will continue with the previous two product lines. So we can continue to look forward to the new ROG phones with an eye on gaming and the compact Zenfones of the future.