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Fans fear Planets has more boundaries after all

Fans fear Planets has more boundaries after all

from Rhonda Bachman
In the past few days, there have been some leaks about the upcoming Bethesda Starfield RPG. Now, a thread in the community is the “limit reached” message seen in some leaked gameplay videos. Fans now fear the game has more limitations than they thought.

A few days ago, some leaks about the upcoming Starfield were already circulating on the internet. The sci-fi RPG isn’t supposed to be released until September 6th, but premium buyers can travel to space from September 1st. In fact, the ban on the title only falls on August 31, but days before that it was possible to see photos and videos of the gameplay on the Internet. Now the message “Limit reached” is making a fuss, which may indicate restrictions on the size of planetary maps.

Opinions differ on the “limit reached”.

Recently leaked gameplay videos have sparked discussion around the “limit reached” message in the past few days. In one clip, the player runs in one direction on a planet for about ten minutes until they reach an invisible boundary. This indicates that the game only partially loads the planet. Players can then only explore the area they land in before having to visit other areas.

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While Bethesda has not yet commented on the report, players are divided. Fan reactions range from disappointment to acceptance, but also question whether the leaks really tell the whole story or whether the “reached” overlay might be misinterpreted. Some users were surprised because Starfield was expected to be similar to Hello Games’ No Man’s Sky in planet exploration, showcasing an entire planet.

Players will be able to find out what the message is about on September 6th when Starfield is released for PC and Xbox Series X|S. According to journalist Tyler McVicker, the space role-playing game should contain at least the bugs in the Bethesda title. Although there are some bugs, they have been documented and are expected to be addressed in the first day patch.

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