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A spectator in court due to a serious mass fall at the Tour de France

A spectator in court due to a serious mass fall at the Tour de France

A young French woman must be jailed for a year and pay 15,000 euros for her mass downfall at the Tour de France.

The basics in brief

  • 50 cyclists shot down with a cardboard sign: a French woman on trial.
  • If convicted, she faces up to a year in prison and a fine of 15,000 euros.

She wanted to salute “Grandma and Grandpa” with a cardboard banner from the edge of the Tour de France – but when she raised it in front of the cameras, it caused a serious mass fall for about 50 Tour participants.

A young woman has had to appear in court in Brest since Thursday. He will be 31 years old Endangering others and neglecting bodily harm Accused. If convicted, she faces up to a year haft and 15000 euro Penalty.

Several participants fell due to a cardboard banner

In June, during the first stage of the Tour de France, the French woman stood with her back to the participants of the approaching round on the side of the road and held a cardboard sign with the words “Allez Opi-Omi!” held on the way. German professional Tony Martin It can no longer be avoided, hit the mark and fell – as a result of which dozens of other round participants.

A mass landing occurred in the first stage of the Tour de France. This is operated by a fan. – SRF

Several athletes had to withdraw from the tour due to serious injuries, among them Germany’s Gasha Suterlin and Spain’s Marc Soler, who had to be treated for three fractures to his left arm. The damages that drivers suffer are physical, moral and economic temper nature», Betonte die internationale Radfahrervereinigung Professional Cyclists Associates (CPA).

A symbolic compensation of one euro is required

She is demanding symbolic compensation in one amount euro – The more respect. It is unacceptable to end the months of an athlete preparing for a bicycle race by “seeking to educate” the spectators.

And while photos of the fallen racing drivers circulated around the world, the young woman was not initially found. And only after it was announced that witnesses had been called, she finally turned herself in to the police four days later.

The young woman described her behavior as “stupid”. There were many falls during the 108th Tour de France. Tour organizers considered submitting an advertisement, but ultimately decided to reject it.

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