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Bayern Munich champion before moving?  Now the club legend is running

Bayern Munich champion before moving? Now the club legend is running

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While two of the long-term performers have signed for Bayern Munich, one is still hesitant. The French legend knows best for Kingsley Coman.

Munich – Kingsley Coman finally took a breather after his heart surgery and did not go to the national team, Who won the Nations League final without him?*. The Frenchman, who has been back in training for about two weeks, is preparing for his comeback. At the same time, a star Bayern Munich*But also consider the contract negotiations, because nothing has been decided yet. A Koeman native, who has played in Munich for many years, offered some well-meaning advice to the 25-year-old.

Bayern Munich: Club legend gives compatriot Kingsley Coman crucial advice

World and European champion Bixente Lizarazu has been representing the club for four years Munich residents*, in which he appeared a total of 273 times. Basque rule the opposite Build The achievements of some Frenchmen in the Bayern Munich team did not come to the case come on* Here. “I would advise Kingsley from the bottom of my heart to stay with Bayern Munich! He is with an incredible club that wins trophies every year and plays in the Champions League,” said the former left-back.

At Bayern, Lizarazu says after seven and a half years working as a professional in Munich, he “not only has a great team around him, but a serious and well-organised club that gives it everything”. “When we see what’s happening in Barcelona, ​​it’s really lucky to be at a club like Bayern.”

Bayern Munich: Bixente Lizarazu advises Koeman to stay in Munich – “without a doubt”

Lizarazu knows what he’s talking about. The 51-year-old won six championships and five cups with Bayern in 2001, as well as Champions League* So is the World Cup. Although Koeman has also been able to lift the aforementioned accolades in the past two years, “Lisa” considers him to be an important element of the team in the future as well. “There is no doubt that he should stay and shape an era at Bayern, as did Ribery in the same position. This is one of the reasons why Bavaria clearly wanted to extend it with him”, recalls v97. French internationals*.

Koeman’s contract does not expire until the summer of 2023, but Bayern want to commit him to the long-term – similar to Joshua Kimmich or Leon Goretzka. The Frenchman, who recently ended his collaboration with notorious players’ agent Pinhas Zahavi, is said to be reluctant to sign. “That would be true and important to both of them,” Lizarazu says. (ajr) * is a display from IPPEN.MEDIA