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20 first names that are suddenly back in fashion after 100 years

20 first names that are suddenly back in fashion after 100 years

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from: Christian Kessler

First names over 100 years ago can be popular again now. © Gerhard Lieber / Lieber / Buzzfeed Austria

Do you think first names from 100 years ago are out of date? We’ll show you that you were sorely mistaken.

Your first name usually accompanies you throughout your life. Some of the names are beautiful Unusual and unique. There are always new trends. For example, my first name was one of the most popular from the mid-70s to the mid-80s.

Mary and Paul are the most popular names at the moment

In recent years it has been noisy Austria Statistics Most newborn girls have almost classic first names: Mary, Emilia and Anna take the top three. It was no different with boys. The most famous first names were Paul, Jacob and Maximilian.

But are they really that classic? What were the names of the children who went to school around 1900? And are these first names really dating? Questions to be answered here. And a little spoiler: Mary was the most popular girl’s name at the time.

Girls names

1. Mary

2. Anna


3. Pink (Fool)

4. Leopoldine

5. Hermione

6. Teresa

7. Catherine

8. Joanna

9. Caroline

10. Helen

boy names

1. Charles

2. Joseph

3. French

4. John

5- Rudolph

6- Leopold

7. Frederick

8- Otto

9- Robert

10. William

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