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16+01: Those interested can now purchase a second Airbus A340 aircraft ready to fly

16+01: Those interested can now purchase a second Airbus A340 aircraft ready to fly

The auction has opened. Interested parties can submit their bids for the second flight-ready Airbus A340 until mid-February. Photos now also show what it looks like from the inside.

It was not a glorious ending. The Aviation Readiness Authority of the German Ministry of Defense had withdrawn the aircraft bearing military registration number 16+01 from VIP service early last August. In the past, there were frequent crashes of government aircraft. The latest was in Abu Dhabi, forcing Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock to change her travel plans.

The Air Force now only uses new Airbus A350 aircraft. Now the Airbus A340-300, formerly named Konrad Adenauer, has been officially announced for sale. Vebeg, the auction house in the Federal Republic of Germany, is now accepting bids for the quadcopter, which will soon be 25 years old. It must be submitted in Euros, as stated in the tender. Bidding period ends February 15th.

The Airbus A340 has 54,572 flight hours

According to Vebeg, the 16+01 completed 54,572 flight hours and 8,367 take-offs and landings. Potential buyers can inspect it at the end of January, but under strict security conditions. The Airbus A340 is located in the Special Air Missions Wing at the Wahn Air Force Barracks at Cologne/Bonn Airport.

The German Ministry of Defense acquired the aircraft in 2009. The seller was Lufthansa, which had previously used the aircraft in scheduled service for ten years. The sister aircraft 16+02, which is one year younger, was sold earlier. In mid-September, the A340 left Germany for the United States. Previously, facilities affecting the country's security were expanded. This will also be the case with the second device.

Lounges, showers, economy and business

Vebeg's photos show the interior of the machine, such as business and economy class lounges, a bathroom with shower and also the crew lounge, where the crew rests on long flights.

In the photo gallery above you can see photos of the Airbus A340-300 with license plate 16+01. Clicking on the image opens the gallery in large format.