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YouTuber drives Tesla with a V8 combustion engine to the gas station >

In the toughest areas of the Tesla world, American mechanic Rich Benoit was already lost. His growing criticism of Supercharger bans on former scrap vehicles or poor parts availability led to this That Tesla cut him off all bonuses for referralswhich he collected with his videos in previous years. In between, he wanted to completely turn his back on electric cars from the company, but then turned to a potentially provocative project: converting a Model S to a V8. Four weeks ago he presented the score at a car dealership show, and now it’s the first time he’s been on the road.

Two Teslas and V8 engines combined

There may already have been other Tesla diversions on social media, Benoit explains in his post about the ride with his squeaky-loud Model S. But no one really means like him and he’ll still be driven after the presentation. He was supported by many specialists in the project, the implementation of which, according to him, took about a year. The core is a Model S purchased at an auction that was previously underwater. And because Tesla didn’t want to sell him a new battery and drive it, says Benoit, A V8 engine just came from a Chevrolet Camaro SS.

Strictly speaking, it took a Tesla benefactor to harden the Model S out of the water in various places and replace the broken components. By getting rid of the battery, there was at least room to place a four-pipe exhaust system with a side outlet on the lower part of the body. If you like something like this, the sights of a V8 Tesla acceleration on the highway are sonically impressive. However, the bronze-wrapped previous Model S P85 makes a rather sluggish impression.

Without any particular incident, Benoit and his friends took two kids from school in the former electric car. A visit to a Chevrolet dealer will be even more lively. The team liked the Model S with a V8 flip after introducing it with the words “We’ve got a Tesla making weird noises” and opening the hood of the Frunk. The owner arrives and wants to see if you can still get electric car license plates with her. “No, but we always use electronic parking spaces now,” Benoit jokes.

He later showed that he was relatively serious about the fact that nearly all of Tesla’s electronics were working again. The range is displayed on the driver’s display, for example, and the display appears centered when one of the doors, including the Frunk’s bonnet, now used as the hood, is open. The thick central tunnel from the front engine to the rear engine is unusual, but it is covered in at least the same tone as the interior. Up front there’s also a gearshift not shared with Tesla, auxiliary tools and control for the new air suspension.

Model S is supposed to evacuate the pump

Of course, with a Tesla burning, you sometimes need gasoline – and a visit to the gas station with it shows that others have the idea, at least for fun. After the young man from the service eagerly showed the neck of the fuel filler, hidden in the left taillight unit, as originally, V8 juice begins to flow. But then an elderly man from the gas station intervened and asked visitors to photograph with a Tesla to make room for customers in the column. On the contrary, Benoit can soon achieve this effect at the charging station. Once he finished the Model S with a displacement of 6.2 liters, he began converting the Chevrolet Corvette to an electric motor.