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Big feelings: These zodiac signs fall in love as of January 29th

Big feelings: These zodiac signs fall in love as of January 29th

Warning to all those who are thirsty for love: Great happiness awaits the three zodiac signs in the week beginning January 29. No matter if you are single or in a relationship – you are on cloud nine. Do you want to know if you are one of the zodiac signs with the best love stars? Then be sure to read here!

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#1 Capricorn

Capricorn singles are in the mood to go out and party. True to the slogan “Watch and be seen”, you will never miss a party now. And it's worth it for anyone longing for new love. Because you meet someone hot who will really blow your mind.

Couples can look forward to a phase full of harmony and harmony. You are on the same wavelength and share the same needs. All you experience is deepening your bond. You can barely keep your hands off each other.

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#2 Scorpio

Single Scorpios are in the right mood for flirting. As a master of seduction, you know exactly how to convince a person that you want him to love you. Sometimes you show your mysterious side and sometimes you attack. Your tactics are working. Because it seems like your dating partner is falling deeply in love with you.

In a relationship, Scorpio wants a lot of togetherness and that's what they get. You cook together and end the evenings with a glass of wine on the sofa.

#3 Cancer

Cancer is the lucky man this week. No matter what it's about. At this moment everything is running like clockwork. Love really sparks. You and your partner can't keep your hands off each other.

Single Cancers are interested in meeting new people. It is not important for you to be compatible on a romantic level. You are also happy with new friendships. However, there may be someone now who will soften your heart.

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