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Helen Fisher on her role as a mother: “Sometimes angry and desperate”

Helen Fisher on her role as a mother: “Sometimes angry and desperate”

Rare words from a real strong woman!

Pop star Helen Fisher (39 years old) became a mother in December 2021. She gave birth to her daughter, Nala, who has rocked the star’s life ever since.

Helen Fisher has now given a little insight into this on her Instagram account.

She posted this about her mother life: “I'm tired. I'm forgiving. I'm loving. I'm giving. I'm learning all the time. I'm strong. I'm protective. I'm grateful that you belong to me and that you're a part of me.”

She continues: “I will show you everything in life. I will always love you. I will always worry about you. I feel angry, hungry, hopeless and exhausted at times. But I wouldn't trade my life with you for anything in the world.”

When it comes to the everyday things in life, even a star can't escape.

“This pressure, all the endless days and nights, the doubts,” says Helen Fisher. “This whole life was meant for me.”

At the end of her entrance, the singer had some warm words for all mothers. “You do and give so much every day, you amazing mothers out there.”

By the way: Daughter Nala seems to be following her talented mother. “She's actually singing. There's a really loud voice,” Helen Fisher once revealed.

The singer may currently be busy with her stadium tour in 2026. She has just announced a new website for this.

Of all venues, she chose Munich's Allianz Arena (D) for her performance. This does not sit well with some Bayern fans.

The singer is a supporter of rival club Borussia Dortmund. Therefore, their appearance at the opposing stadium is being criticized by some Bayern fans on social media.

For example, one of the demands was “Get off our field.”

Helene Fischer fell out of favor with Bayern supporters in 2015. At that time she accepted Borussia Dortmund's scarf at a show in Munich.

“Superstar Helen Fisher is the first confirmed musical act to perform at the Allianz Arena, which is now also open for concerts. A statement issued by the operator said: “The German Queen of Pop will be a guest in Munich on July 17, 2026 on her 360 degree stadium tour.”