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Say goodbye to Windows: Manjaro Linux as a perfect alternative

Say goodbye to Windows: Manjaro Linux as a perfect alternative

If you want to turn your back on Microsoft after the end of Windows 10, you have different options: expensive Macs are one, a mini ChromeOS is another, and then there are a whole host of Linux distributions. One of the most popular versions of Linux, Manjaro, appeals to beginners and professionals alike. Manjaro is based on Arch Linux and has been developed in Europe since 2011.

We offer budget versions of Xfce and good looking KDE desktop as downloads. Now the popular distribution is present in the new distribution Version 24 She showed up and brought some interesting things Innovations with. As always, in addition to the kernel and other system components, additional software has also been updated.

If you don't have any specific preferences for the desktop you're using, you should take a look at Manjaro with Xfce, as that's the focus of the development. In the new version, we mainly worked on the new features related to the file manager and search and control center.

The KDE version has a really nice interface with the Plasma 6 desktop, which uses new technology under the hood. This means that users get at least partial HDR support. Some settings change with version 6. If you don't want to, you can use the previous settings.