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You should never switch seats automatically on the plane

You should never switch seats automatically on the plane

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The seat is too tight and there are still empty seats on the plane? Airlines explain when and how an exchange is possible.

Kassel – shoulder to shoulder, barely room to stretch your legs and then the middle seat. He flies It can be uncomfortable – especially on long trips. If you want to choose your seat, you usually have to reserve it in advance for a fee. But what if there are still many empty seats in the machine? Are passengers then allowed to move?

Change of location: Children, people with disabilities and the elderly can always ask

First and foremost: ask the flight attendants. Basically, the crew prefers that the passengers remain in their assigned seats. When passengers swap seats, the decision usually rests with the respective guests. Children, people with disabilities and the elderly can always request another seat, explains former flight attendant Anaïs Monique dem Business interested.

If there are still available seats on the plane, things are a little different. Sometimes these seats can be reserved for an additional cost, for example because of the legroom. Then it depends on whether the employees agree to the change or not.

If passengers wish to switch seats, they must always contact the cabin crew first. (iconic image) © IMAGO / Mario Aurich

Ask the Crew: Balance planes by allocating seats

Regardless of the airline, an agreement must always be concluded with the crew. Basically, passengers cannot change their seats on the plane themselves. Former Eurowings spokeswoman Laura Karsten confirmed that this is only possible after consultation with the crew travel book. This is especially true when switching with a free seat.

One reason for this is that the cockpit crew creates what is called a loading sheet before each flight, which outlines how the aircraft will be in the air. The distribution of seats in the plane is also closely related to this matter. “The reason: the weight distribution in the plane,” explained Jörg Wapper, a Lufthansa spokesperson. travel book. The center of gravity of the machine must be in the middle – thus always balanced by the distribution of the seats. (Hong Kong)