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Xi: Relationship with US “decides destiny of mankind”

Xi: Relationship with US “decides destiny of mankind”

In a meeting with US President Chuck Schumer, Chinese President Xi Jinping described the relationship with the US as important to all mankind. “How China and the United States get along in a world of change and turmoil will determine the future and destiny of humanity,” Xi said today in a meeting with the Democratic majority leader in the US Senate.

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“World’s Most Important Bilateral Relationship”

“I have said many times, including several presidents, that there are a thousand reasons to improve Sino-US relations, but not one reason to destroy them,” Xi added at a meeting at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. . The relationship between Beijing and Washington is “the most important bilateral relationship in the world”.

“Together, our nations will shape this century,” Schumer said. “That’s why we must build our relationship with responsibility and respect.”

Schumer heads a bipartisan delegation of US senators who traveled to the Chinese economic metropolis of Shanghai and later to the capital, Beijing, on Saturday. Ahead of the meeting with Xi, the delegation had already met Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi on Monday.