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After the winter, Australia is battling a record heat wave

After the winter, Australia is battling a record heat wave

As winter draws to a close in Australia, the country is already groaning under the heat: above-normal values ​​have been recorded in large parts of the country since the weekend.

Australia’s “Guardian” reported Monday, citing meteorologists, that temperatures in some areas were 10 to 16 degrees above average values ​​for September, particularly in the states of Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia.

Sometimes the mercury rises to 37 to 39 degrees. In metropolitan Sydney too, values ​​have been in the 30s for days – and winter is over.

It could get even hotter on Tuesday and Wednesday, the weather service said, calling for an “unprecedented early season heat wave.”

Experts have also warned of the possibility of further forest fires. Authorities fear what could be the most violent bushfire season since the devastating “black summer” of 2019-2020. During that time, weeks of fires destroyed twelve million hectares of land and killed countless animals.

The heat wave is triggered by a strong high pressure area that moves slowly and pushes warm air south from northern Australia. According to forecasts, it may cool down significantly from Thursday: a cold front with wind and rain will move in later.