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World No. 1 Ashley Party will not be representing Australia in the Billy Jean Cup

World No. 1 Ashley Party will not be representing Australia in the Billy Jean Cup final in November. On Monday, Australian team captain Alicia Molick nominated Ajla Tomjanovic, Astra Sharma, Storm Sanders, Ellen Perez and Olivia Kadeki for the Billy Jean Cup.

Party, 25, was in a busy season and decided to take a break and return to Australia after a stunning third-round defeat at the US Open. The party is also not going to play in the Indian Wells Masters starting this week.

Party manager Nicki Mathias said in a statement, “Ash came home from Indian Wells to visit his family in Australia.” “She has been out of the house since March, with two weeks of hotel isolation required to enter Australia and it is not yet possible for her to return home.

No further decision has been made regarding the post-Indian Wells events.

Other parts of Party 2021 can be skipped

Party is number one in the competition for the WTA final, but he is not a fan of the season-ending event in Guadalajara, Mexico.

“We found them in Mexico at 1,500 meters (above sea level) and they use pressure-free balls,” party coach Craig Dieser told AAP. “Pressure-free balls fly perfectly.

This is a ball that does not jump to normal. I mean, playing the best women in the world for something they have never done is not the best ad. In a country where they have never played, in a country where they have not played, at high altitudes, I think this is ridiculous.

As a scene, it was terrifying. But playing this event in Mexico is not easy for us, then come back and do it for two (more) weeks (in isolation) and then your summer will be ruined as well. This is a decision we have to think about for a long time. ”