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Women football players in the United States “

Owners, managers and coaches need help clarifying allegations of abuse.

9.24am, October 7, 2021


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North Carolina Courage and Racing Louisville players stood side by side. © AB

Professionals, with similar actions in sports interruptions and courts American Women’s Football League NWSL Requests to deal with allegations of abuse. Therefore, among other things, all employers, managers and coaches should contribute to the clarification of the union and this. NWSLPA Be responsible. The investigation announced by the league is to be extended to twelve teams. NWSLPA posted this on its homepage on Wednesday.

In the sixth minute of each game, the footballers played with each other Washington Spirit vs. Gotham FC and North Carolina Courage and Racing Louisville Connected to each other and paused for about a minute. The audience applauded. “Tonight we reclaimed our place on the field because happiness was not to be taken away from us.”, It said in a message to the NWSLPA. But you will not return to business as usual.

It should be noted that in the 6th minute it took six years to take the players’ allegations seriously. The league has been in turmoil for several days. Charges against Trigger Courage-Coach Paul Riley. According to the “Athletes” portal, he was fired as a result of allegations that he sexually abused two players. As a result, the NWSL was found to have ignored the evidence. League boss Lisa Byrd Resigned.

It was already in August Christy Holly He was fired as coach at Racing Louisville after players complained about a “toxic environment”. A new governing body and an independent inquiry into the NWSL should clarify the allegations and confirm the league.