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With this trick, you won’t have to constantly search your inventory for items

With this trick, you won’t have to constantly search your inventory for items

Link’s arm certainly has useful tricks up its sleeve. But also small things such as sorting functions should not be underestimated.

As a sequel to Breath of the Wild, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom saw Nintendo not only come up with key innovations like new abilities to keep us entertained, but also made improvements to the little corners and endings.

One of them is a little nondescript, but no less practical. On the contrary, a small but good inventory function makes life in Kingdom Tears a lot easier.

More order in the bag saves time, also in Zelda TotK

As my mother used to say: “Clean up and you’ll find your stuff faster!” How right she was, and that applies not only to real life, but to video games as well. Link seems to be taking this advice more seriously now, which will do us good in Kingdom Tears.

Even if it’s barely noticeable since we were already able to sort through the items in the inventory in Breath of the Wild, one does New sorting category for materials The essential difference.

Instead of just sorting apples, fiery fruits, or fans by type or attack power, we can also select “most used” via the Y-rank button.

The most used items then slide straight ahead, saving us miserable searching in the full inventory or in quick selection (dashboard up).

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The fact that we can sort our materials this way is just a neat little trick. If you’re looking for more great tips or guides, we’ve got a selection for you right here:

You can find more helpful articles about The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom on We’ll keep you updated on Nintendo’s latest masterpiece in other ways. After all, there really is so much more to discover and experience in Hyrule – thanks to Link’s new abilities.

But first, let us know if you find out for yourself that materials can also be categorized by “most used”. Does this quality of life improvement help you as much as it does?