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Emergency: Sequel for PC is coming this summer and it will be Free2Play

Emergency: Sequel for PC is coming this summer and it will be Free2Play

The Free2Play version of Emergeny will be released in summer 2023 (Image: SixteenTon)

After a six-year break, Emergency is back on PC – like the successful smartphone releases, Sixteen Tons is based on Free2Play.

Worth at least €29.99 if you want a real-time strategy game right here and now emergency 20 Buy on Steam: The Anniversary Edition from 2027 includes the best of two decades emergency.

With the next installment, due for release in the summer, Sixteen Tons Entertainment studio in Tübingen dares to make a paradigm shift for one of Germany’s longest-running and most successful series: because the iOS, Android and Switch versions will do well commercially as well as the upcoming PC version of emergency Free2Play game.

means: Let’s start the game first Download for free via Steam And in principle it can be used for free – income is generated through in-game purchases. Game currency comes with the App Store version “emerald” to use.

Of course the tried and tested game principle is kept: With a click of the mouse, the player coordinates a wide range of emergency services – firefighters, police and ambulance – and ensures that fires are extinguished, the injured are treated and criminals are apprehended. Unlike most strategy games emergencyThe series is usually not about conquest and destruction, but rather about aid and rescue. The focus is on cooperative teams of four – but missions can also be tackled in pairs or solo.

emergencyInventor Ralph Stock: “For 25 years, we’ve been setting the bar high in game design and in real-time strategy games with fire, police, and technical assistants through our Emergency series. With Emergency for Steam in summer 2023, we continue our long history of success on PC and look forward to Offering exciting rescue missions for experienced and new players alike.”

The Federal Ministry of Economics (BMWK) contributed around €913,000 to the financing of the game as part of the financing of the games.

Sixteen Tons Entertainment is a brand of Promotion Software GmbH based in Tübingen and Berlin and was acquired by Phoenix Games in January 2020 (details / interview). Game designer Ralph Stock, classic designer Mad news He made the breakthrough and with his team celebrates the company’s 30th anniversary this year: Merchandising is one of the oldest game studios in the country.