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Wind and solar power from Morocco to Great Britain

Octopus Energy, a British energy service provider, introduces a unique project with Xlinks. Xlinks is a Moroccan-British company planning the world’s longest undersea cable between Morocco and Great Britain. They are to provide cheap renewable electricity to UK consumers from 2027.

Green electricity For 7 million families in the UK

Xlinks was founded in September 2021 by British entrepreneurs with the ambitious goal of being the world’s first project to bring wind and solar power from Morocco to Devon in the south of England. Four submarine cables, each 3,800 km long, are planned, a new record, according to a report.

A related energy park is being built on an area of ​​1,500 m² in the Guelmim Oued Noun area of ​​Morocco. With 10.5 GW of electricity per day and 20 hours of electricity supply, the largest system can supply 7 million households in the state. With the completion of this project with 20GWh / 5GW battery storage facility, it will be able to supply eight per cent of the UK’s electricity demand.

The project is currently in the planning stage, in which economic, environmental and archaeological implications are explored. When the project starts in 2027, it is expected to supply the UK with 48 per MW per hour. This is roughly comparable to coastal wind farms and is below the official estimate for UK long-term electricity prices. So consumers in the UK also benefit financially.

The project aims to accelerate Britain’s transition to climate-neutral energy supply. The partnership comes at a time when the UK government is already reducing its dependence on Russian gas imports while reducing electricity prices for consumers.

Octopus founder Greg Jackson said: “Green energy change will reduce the UK’s energy costs. It is already important to stay away from volatile fossil fuels to combat climate change. But it is now clear that we must do the same for affordability and safety. The combination of different green energy sources helps to answer the question of ‘what do we do when the wind blows’. This project is magical because it is a proven technology – on a massive and ambitious scale, “Jackson said.” The renewable energy revolution has not begun, it is now accelerating at an unprecedented pace for the benefit of people and the planet. “

Morocco wants to become world leader in solar energy

In addition, the UK-Morocco cooperation will create jobs in both countries. Morocco aims to play a leading role in renewables and already has some of the largest solar parks in the world. The country has two-fifths of its electricity demand for renewable energy.

More details about the project

The partnership between Xlinks and Octopus Energy is led by a team of energy experts and entrepreneurs. Along with Nigel Williams and others already in charge of the North Sea connection between Great Britain and Norway, it was also the longest undersea cable in the world when it was commissioned.

As part of a strategic and financial partnership, Octopus Energy is investing in Xlinks for an undisclosed amount. Further investments are already being discussed. Companies also evaluate Octopus’ potential acquisition rights and its use of the Octopus’s Crohnflex technology platform.

Octopus Energy is also a partner Tesla

Octopus energy Tesla is already active as a partner in Great Britain and has been providing electricity tariffs to Tesla customers with solar roof and electric wall since 2020. A similar offer is available in Germany from October 2021.

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