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Win 2 x tickets to a concert in Berlin

Win 2 x tickets to a concert in Berlin

40 years of Kastelruther Spatzen!

They are the most successful group in the popular music scene of all time. Now the stars of popular music are celebrating a unique anniversary: ​​“40 years of Kastelruther Spatzen” makes the exceptional musicians from beautiful South Tyrol the outstanding phenomenon of our time. Especially in a fast-moving show business.

“The best thing you can give someone is to spend time together.”

In 1983, Norbert Rier took over the management of the group originally founded in 1975. Their first recording contract with Koch Records followed in the same year. Then things happen in quick succession: the first recording, titled “Have Fun and Enjoy,” is released. With the title “The Girl with Extinguished Eyes”, written by Norbert Rier, “Kastelruther Spatzen” certainly had its breakthrough. This hit brought Kastelruther Spatzen to the charts and their first gold record. It was clear: a star shining in the sky of popular music. 1983 became the official founding year of Kastelruther Spatzen.

Since then, for the legendary 40 years Kastelruther Spatzen has toured throughout Europe, 40 years of countless concerts, millions of concert visitors, millions of records sold – these are the numbers of the incomparable success story of Kastelruther Spatzen. Kastelruther Spatzen has become the epitome of folk music and folk songs, they are among the greats of folk acts, and no one embodies this style better than them.

They have won everything there is to win in their profession. They have received the “Golden Tuning Fork” five times as well as numerous Folk Music Crowns and have also received the “Folk Music Grand Prix”. These three awards shows have long since become TV history, but the Birds are still at the pinnacle of success with their old-fashioned freshness. Its thirteen (!) Echoes have long been recorded in the big book of industrial history and are considered an established measure of things in Germany.

With their unmistakable style and attitude, they inspire millions of fans, creating one hit after another and striking the heart with their melodies and lyrics. Songs of homeland, love, longing and joy. In their songs, Kastelruther Spatzen sing about human destinies, the stories that life writes for all of us equally, and often also about their beloved homeland, South Tyrol and the mountains.

Their hit songs like “A White Rose,” “Heartbeat for Heartbeat,” “I Oath,” and “Ciao Amore” make us forget daily worries for a moment and take us to another world. With “40 years of Kastelruther Spatzen” they write music history. Kastelruther Spatzen is well aware that reuniting over such a long period of time, and with great success, but despite all the hard work and commitment, is not a given. Time is not in our hands. Happiness cannot be imposed and life is constantly changing.

Kastelruther Spatzen’s deep gratitude for being able to experience this happiness and special event is even greater. And every time you have fun together is more valuable. Will there be a reunion with musical guests and comrades from the band’s long history on the anniversary tour, as is tradition at the grand and legendary “Spatzenfest” in Castelrotto? Let’s surprise.

A reunion with beloved and famous songs in a 40-year success story – this is what fans can definitely look forward to. And of course the party guests can also count on seeing South Tyrol again: aerial video recordings of the wonderfully beautiful birdhouse have long become a tradition and bring guests back to the wonderful nature of South Tyrol again and again.

We guarantee you a great atmosphere in the concert hall! A reunion that the Spatzen team and their fans have loved for 40 years. With the big anniversary tour “Reunion”, Kastelruther Spatzen would like to thank their countless fans for their loyalty and unique friendship. The concerts will bring back many beautiful moments and memories from 40 years – 40 years of “Music of Life” true to the motto: You have to celebrate the festivals as they come – together!

Farewell to the big anniversary tour live – 40 years of Kastelruther Spatzen!

Press release source: SEMMEL