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The first tests on the expensive, premium wooden PC with the Geforce RTX 4090 show flaws

The first tests on the expensive, premium wooden PC with the Geforce RTX 4090 show flaws

The first independent tests on the new Corsair One i500, a small premium wooden PC optionally equipped with an ultra-fast Nvidia Geforce RTX 4090 or Geforce RTX 4080 Super, reveal conceptual flaws. The editorial teams at ComputerBase and HardwareLuxx have been testing different configurations and have already put the wooden computer, which costs €4,399.99 and €5,599.99 respectively, through its paces. In terms of computing power, there is hardly anything left to be desired, but the concept is there.

It's not quite a compact PC anymore

ComputerBase in particular points out that the Corsair One i500 now deviates significantly from the actual concept of the series and due to the increasingly powerful hardware, which in this case is based on a “covered” 200W Core i9-14900K and Geforce RTX 4090, continues to grow in size. The Corsair One i500 now comes close to a standard PC with dimensions of 391mm x 185mm x 300mm.

Simply too loud for the luxury class

As ComputerBase also points out, the Corsair One i500, which delivers the performance expected from an embedded device, is simply too high for the luxury segment in which this system resides.

“With the switch to a larger case, there was also hope that more powerful hardware would not be accompanied by a higher noise level despite increased consumption. But this is not the case: the new Corsair One i500 is 10 dB louder than its predecessor when gaming – under load “Continuously disappointing.”

-computer base-

This is primarily due to the new cooling concept. “Despite the power, visual appeal and high quality of the new Corsair One i500, the bottom line is that at €5,599.99, the system should have performed an order of magnitude better,” he concludes.

Cooling system 2

On the other hand, the editorial team at HardwareLuxx is generally very satisfied with the configuration with Core i9-14900K and Geforce RTX 4080 Super and finally gives it an award due to the “great work and gaming performance”, the simple and timeless design as well as the excellent workmanship and the “pleasant operation sounds” awarded Winner of the HardwareLuxx Interior Award.

Dark woodLight wood

However, this opinion is not shared unopposed by all testers. Popular German speedster Roman “der8auer” Hartung sees “major cooling problems with his small Corsair One i500.”

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