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Who will be a millionaire: The female candidate embarrasses herself with a simple football question

Who will be a millionaire: The female candidate embarrasses herself with a simple football question

This candidate almost stumbles upon a simple football question with € 500

If you stumble, you are either lying straight back or trying to save yourself a few more meters before you end up with your face on the ground. That’s exactly what happened to Olivia Peters this week in Günther Jauch and Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

Peters was a real estate agent until they got one dog Buy. Then she quit her job because she just wanted to “properly train” this dog, whom Josh met with a little understanding. The candidates themselves show even less understanding than they did with the € 500 question football And this goes “Football Lists” (Table).

Olivia Peters’ race ended early with Gunter Gauch. Photo: RTL

Jauch tries to help, but it adds more confusion. Finally, Peters guesses the correct answer. But after this hurdle, the candidate cannot get out of the impasse and consumes all her banter, even the question of 16,000 euros. How far you will get try it here:

When it comes to football, the filter is all over the hose. It is only when Jauch explains once again how absurd the other answer options are, Peters realizes the relationship between points and soccer in Table Soccer League and still guesses the correct answer. Then the mediator asks how many points he gets for a soccer victory, and then the candidate says: “Enough.” The whole process confused Peters so much that she subsequently hesitated even with the simplest questions.

Olivia Peters out of concept. Photo: RTL

She needs the first joker to ask 2000 euros. The Golden Globes didn’t bother her at all. Regarding the 4000 euro question, she wasted two clowns because after 50/50 she could not choose between “buzz” and “buzz”.

A friendly colleague on the phone can help her. “Did he work or did he buy a horse?” Asked Gunter Gauch again sarcastically.

Peters then needs your last joker to ask games. With support from the public, I was able to answer this question for 16,000 euros:

Here you should give up and go with the 8000 euro Home. Actually, I wanted to take a year off, but unfortunately nothing will come of it now. Money is enough for a new clothes dryer and a motorcycle license. The correct answer was: the Pantheon in Rome. (Liu)

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