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WhatsApp's new function ensures high image quality quickly

WhatsApp's new function ensures high image quality quickly

We send pictures via WhatsApp every day. But what's annoying is that WhatsApp compresses images heavily, which means the quality drops after sending them.

This may be acceptable for everyday photos, but annoying for important shots. There is an option to send images in HD quality, but this must be set manually each time. This is a process that will be simplified soon.

According to the “WABetaInfo” website, it will soon be possible to choose the standard option to send images in HD quality in WhatsApp. This feature is already visible in the latest Android beta version of WhatsApp. You will be able to set the HD charging option as the default under “Storage & Data” settings.

Both settings have advantages and disadvantages. Images are currently highly compressed to speed up the transfer process and conserve data size.

If you choose HD quality, picture quality improves, but transmission takes longer and uses more data. The images should then be sent automatically and in good quality.

The new WhatsApp feature is still in the development phase and no specific release date has been set yet. It is expected to be available for all compatible devices and versions.