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The Microsoft 365 roadmap provides more details about Teams innovations

The Microsoft 365 roadmap provides more details about Teams innovations

Just a few days ago, Microsoft provided an overview of the upcoming innovations for Teams. You can now follow more details with the Microsoft 365 roadmap update. It's all about the new functionality and app.

The new app should be launched soon

Microsoft has now published a very interesting look at the innovations planned for Microsoft 365, some of which were already known through a blog post by the Windows team.

This includes the unveiling of a new Teams app called Queues, which will allow users to answer customer calls in Teams. This application is scheduled to be released in June. However, there are a few other entries on the roadmap site, all of which are new. One entry explains a new feature that will be introduced in Teams desktop in May called “Meet Now.”

“Start a meeting with your colleagues using Meet Now in a group chat,” Microsoft wrote in the job description. “Meet Now for group chat is an experience that enables personalized, real-time communication with your team in a hybrid environment.”

Another new feature for Teams in the desktop app is planned for May with improved desktop sharing:

“We're introducing Enhanced Desktop Sharing, which allows developers to enable screen sharing of specific app content. Unlike the existing Share to Stage feature, meeting participants cannot interact with the shared app, but only see it on the presenter's screen – similar to screen sharing, only With one click.

Shared content is also automatically recorded in the meeting recording. This is ideal for shared consumption scenarios and requires little investment from developers.”

Starting in April, users of the Teams desktop app will also have the option to get expanded consent from other users to record meetings:

“The meeting policy requiring explicit consent to recording has been expanded to include transcription. If the policy is in place, a notification will appear when a recording or transcription begins, asking all participants for their consent to transcription and recording.” Until the user agrees, they will not be able to unmute or turn on the camera Or share content in the meeting.”

Other new entries on the Microsoft 365 Roadmap website include the addition of Graph Grounded Chat for Copilot in Excel on the web, desktop, and Mac in April. A feature that allows users to add shared folders to their favorites is also expected to be added to the new Outlook for Windows and the web starting in May.

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  • Microsoft provides an overview of Teams innovations
  • New Teams app “Queues” announced for June
  • “Meet Now” is planned for Teams desktop in May
  • Enhanced desktop sharing will be available in Teams in May
  • Teams are requesting approval for registrations starting in April
  • Copilot ground chat chart in Excel as of April
  • New functionality for Outlook available starting in May

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