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PlayStation Plus: The popular game title from 2023 will be available for subscription in April

PlayStation Plus: The popular game title from 2023 will be available for subscription in April

In a couple of weeks there will be the first new addition to PlayStation Plus Extra and the upcoming game is truly something special. In Dave the Diver, you'll become the world's best deep-sea diver and restaurant owner – or at least you're trying to.

Dave the Diver is coming to PlayStation Plus on April 16

“Immerse yourself in the critically acclaimed Dave the Diver when it joins the PlayStation Plus game catalog on April 16,” PlayStation wrote in its announcement on X and the PlayStation Blog.

Match for April is no longer a secret. The rest of the games that will be added this month will not be added until the end of the week. But do you even need to know more to be promoted? After all, Dave the Diver was critically acclaimed and holds a 90 rating on Metacritic.

“Dave the Diver is a unique hybrid sea adventure that combines ocean exploration with sushi restaurant management. The game focuses on the central plot, narrative, characters and addictive mini-games.” to explain Jaeho Hwang, Dave the Diver game director and designer.

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There he also explains how the idea for Dave the Diver came about. It all started with the concept of a diving game. But developer Mintrocket wanted to do more with captured sea creatures and so the sushi restaurant mechanic was born. This is not just a secondary aspect of the game.

“While initial gameplay focuses on creating the menu and serving delicious dishes in a lively sushi restaurant, players will later participate in exciting cooking competitions,” Huang says. Dave the Diver also features cooking competitions, photo posing, a rhythm game, and seahorse races. So it's worth it.