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Up to 150 percent better performance with BIOS update and new graphics driver

Up to 150 percent better performance with BIOS update and new graphics driver

So far, the MSI Claw with Intel Core Ultra 7 and Intel Arc Graphics 5 has found itself in a losing battle against other laptops with AMD Ryzen 7000 and 8000 with Zen 4 and AMD Radeon 700M with RDNA 3, but one BIOS update and a new one should help. Graphics playback. MSI promises within its responsibility press release Up to 150 percent better gaming performance when compared directly to legacy BIOS and graphics driver. On average, the performance gain in Full HD (“1080p”) games should be about 28 percent.

MSI Claw receives great care for the product

With the current update from BIOS 105 to BIOS 106 and the latest Intel graphics driver at version, MSI has released a major product update for its laptop released at the beginning of the year, which closes the gap in competition with the Ryzen 7000 should the abbreviated (Phoenix “), 8000 (“Hawk Point”) and Radeon 700M. The biggest jump in performance can be confirmed in 7 Days to Die (+150 percent), and in Cyberpunk 2077 it reached 58 percent. Some of these performance measurements were performed using Intel XeSS.

Source: MSI

Gamers using MSI Claw can download the latest BIOS 106 (“E1T41IMS.106”) on the official website. Support site From the manufacturer, while the latest graphics driver, Intel Arc & Iris Xe Graphics v31.0.101.5445, can be downloaded directly from the official software Loading Zone Available on Intel. With potential performance improvements, MSI could put pressure on the competition.

MSI Claw: Intel Core Ultra with Arc Graphics vs. AMD Ryzen Z1 with RDNA 3

Before the updates, the AMD Ryzen Z1 Extreme was on average 25 to 35 percent ahead of the Intel Core Ultra 7 155H, which in turn was barely faster than the smaller Intel Core Ultra 5 135H. New independent standards must ultimately provide clarity and new comparative values.

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source: MSI