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Voice-Bot provides customer service around the clock

Voice-Bot provides customer service around the clock

Swiss Migros Bank offers extensive customer support around the clock. The voice robot makes this possible. So far, he has supported the service team during the day. He now answers customer inquiries late in the evening and at night.

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Service around the clock Migros Bank customers have been receiving this amount since the beginning of October this year thanks to the voice robot. As a first step, a voice biometrics solution was introduced in 2019 for customer center phone calls. This provides the option to verify callers based on their voices. As of 2022, more automated services have been added. Since the system has proven its reliability in practice, Migros Bank now also operates the voice bot outside business hours.

Services without waiting times

The 190 customer advisors at the Migros Bank Customer Center received 650,000 calls in 2022. Without the use of technical assistance, this huge number can only be handled by caller waiting times. To ensure customers always get help with their concerns as quickly as possible, a voice robot has increasingly taken over standard tasks since 2022.

The robot can answer questions regarding the account balance or accurately identify customer concerns and refer them to the responsible service point. It also provides answers to questions on various topics and sends links via SMS to the Migros Bank website with relevant content. It also provides self-services such as unlocking electronic banking access devices and automatically sending a new activation code to these devices. Multilingual support, in German, Swiss German, Italian and French.

Voice biometrics ensures security

Voice biometrics ensures a high level of security to verify the identity of callers based on their individual voice profile. Before creating this, customers are required to obtain their consent. Voice profile increases convenience because authentication is done without additional steps such as further security queries. If their concerns are not resolved immediately, customers can use the voice bot to schedule a callback with a service representative the next business day. During business hours, direct redirection to client advisors is possible.


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Voice biometrics comes from the Swiss provider Speech. “We are pleased that our expertise in AI-based language processing is improving service for Migros Bank customers,” it was reported Stefan Velleman, DACH Area Manager at Spitch. The basis of the services provided in the system was the analysis and implementation of improvement possibilities by the IT service provider NTT data. The solution won the bronze medal on October 26 Best Bot Award.

“Through the voice robot, we make service available to our customers around the clock.” Manuel Konzelman, CEO of Migros Bank. This technology increases accessibility and convenience for callers. Christian SiderThe General Manager of NTT DATA DACH in Switzerland sees the customer’s need for a quick solution to a problem as the essence of this service: “With the 24/7 Voice Bot project, we have shown how digitalization makes life easier for customers and employees.” Jurgen Frisch