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Hyped AI Pin makes two silly mistakes in its launch video

Hyped AI Pin makes two silly mistakes in its launch video

After years of development, Humane unveiled its first product, the AI ​​Pin, in a video. This gadget is promoted as a smartphone replacement, but it makes stupid mistakes when it first appears. The AI ​​completely fails at two tasks.


With the AI ​​Pin, Humane wants to develop a new category of smart devices reminiscent of a high-tech brooch. With Imran Choudhury and Bethany Bongiorno, Apple veterans lead the company. They didn’t miss the opportunity to showcase their first product in a ten-minute launch video – but two stupid mistakes during production clearly went unnoticed.

One of the simplest functions that the AI ​​Pin is intended to perform is answering the wearer’s questions. About three minutes and 40 seconds into the video, Chaudhry asked the pin a very simple question actually about where is the best place to watch the upcoming solar eclipse. “Australia,” he answers confidently.

As attentive observers quickly noted after the video was posted, the AI ​​was completely wrong. The next solar eclipse will be visible across North America on April 8, 2024, and the AI ​​Pin’s answer likely points to a previous solar eclipse.

The revelation is completely wrong

The tool makes another mistake with a function that at first glance seems very innovative. Co-founder Choudhary later praised the AI ​​Pin’s nutritional features in the video. The gadget can automatically use the camera to record the nutrients you consume.

Chaudhary shows a handful of almonds and asks about the protein content. She answers: 15 grams, and here again, it does not take long for an attentive viewer to point out that this answer was completely incorrect. It takes about 60 almonds to get 15 grams of protein, which is much more than shown in the video.

A human being who admits mistakes

In order to gain the spotlight on the Internet, she announces herself loudly Interested in trade Company spokesperson Sam Sheffer spoke on the company’s official Discord. However, the statement clearly sounds more like a damage limitation and less like a real analysis. A “pre-release” version of the software was used in the video, causing “bugs.”
Humanity ai pinSam Schiffer on the human dispute over mistakes

These items were clearly not recognized by the company’s human employees in the previously produced clip. According to Schiffer, they are currently working on a modified version of the video. Errors in the AI ​​Pin will be corrected “as quickly as possible.”


  • Humane Pin AI, designed to replace smartphones
  • AI Pin makes errors in product display
  • Artificial intelligence gives the wrong answer to the solar eclipse question
  • AI Pin cites incorrect protein content in almonds
  • A company spokesperson apologizes for the errors
  • Promised to fix bugs in AI Pin

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