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USA: Man throws frantic popcorn after attack through front yard

This is not necessarily the place where one would expect an attack by a wild animal. Christie and Happy Wade’s house is located in a quiet residential area in Burqa, a small town in the United States. North Carolina. There the couple was attacked by a popcorn a few days ago. The video of the attack has now spread across the internet, The “New York Times” reports this, among other things.

The incident was recorded by the security camera at the couple’s house. You can see them both moving towards their car. Christy Wade carries her own domestic cat in a transport box. Both go to a regular appointment with the veterinarian. Then you hear the sound of a big cat, and a few seconds later Christy Wade is caught by the popcorn. United States Called Popcott, was attacked.

Happy Wade grabs the animal from his wife’s back, raises his hands and walks towards the meadow. He shouts: “Oh my God, this is a popcorn!” After a while, Wade throws the big cat on the lawn and warns the approaching jaguar to keep his distance. Popcott runs under the car, and Happy Wade pulls out a gun under loud curses – for which he has a gun license. This is where the video ends.

According to police, Wade shot and killed the animal shortly after. Examination of the body revealed the presence of rabies. “I will never forget how the cat looked at me,” Christy Wade told the New York Times. “She was behind me, so I ran.” The couple was treated at the hospital with antibiotics and anti-rabies drugs.

According to experts, the behavior of the animal is very unusual

The video ended up on the internet via alternatives and has already been clicked more than twelve million times on various sites.

According to the New York Times, popcorn is common in the region, but human incidents are an absolute exception. Ted Stankovic, a biologist at California State University in Long Beach, was quoted as saying, “Every rabid animal is very aggressive towards people”: “A popcorn usually does not appear in such a densely built area – it certainly does not attack people.”