British supermarket chain Marks & Spencer (M&S) has sued its German rival Aldi in Great Britain for a caterpillar-shaped chocolate cake. M & S argued that “Cuthbert the Caterpillar” from Aldi appears to be as deceptive as “Colin the Caterpillar” and that Aldi is misleading its customers. The supermarket chain sued for its intellectual property and avoidance: Aldi was no longer allowed to deliver the cake.

Aldi responded with a humorous tweet on Tuesday: “Can’t Colin and Cuthbert be friends?” Cuthbert once went to sales and proceeds to cancer aid. The dismissal agency asked M&S to drop the case. M&S responded on Twitter that Aldi could offer “Kevin Carrot Cake”.

The discounter also suggested that all UK supermarkets selling caterpillar shaped cakes should be merged together. That way, you can raise money for charity, not for lawyers. In fact, other British supermarket chains also offer caterpillar-shaped cakes – with names like Curly, Clyde, Charlie, Morris or Wickles. Supermarket Chain Waitros’ “Cecil” is a caterpillar of the community: we will join! Has tweeted that.

Aldi followed on Twitter. Discounter mocked the famous M&S slogan: “This is not just food, this is M & S food” for “This is not just a lawsuit in court, this is #Freakuthbert” – behind bars with pictures of his cake.

Air: APA / AFP