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USA: A man wins a fortune with a scratch card at a gas station

USA: A man wins a fortune with a scratch card at a gas station

United States of America

“When I showed the ticket to the saleswomen, they almost had a fit.”

Without thinking too much, Michael Schlemmer bought a scratch card when he had to stop at a gas station – and won the main prize.


Michael Schlemmer didn’t expect it: When he ran out of gas and bought a scratch card at the gas station, he won big.

  • An American had to stop at a gas station.

  • In addition to the gasoline he needed, he rented a lottery ticket for himself.

  • The Kentucky man won the $1 million jackpot.

Michael Schlemmer was driving comfortably in the US state of Kentucky when he ran out of gas. Against his will, he stopped at the gas station a. With $40 cash in his wallet, he spent $20 on gas — and used the rest to shop A spontaneous lottery ticket.

“The saleswomen almost have a fit.”

“I scratched the lottery ticket, looked at it, and went back to the store,” Schlemmer recalls. “I showed it to the saleswomen and they almost had a fit.” The shop owners were also present and started to smile.

And, in fact, Schlemmer had reason to smile: his scratch card showed the symbol meaning the main prize of $1 million (about 900,000 Swiss francs) would be won instantly. The lucky winner remained skeptical until he received the check a few days later.

After taxes, it was $616,300

Schlemmer drove to the lottery office and took home a check for $616,300 after taxes. The headquarters wrote that it opted for a one-time payment of $862,000 rather than annual installments.

Schlemmer had already planned to buy a new car before he bought the lucky ticket. “I’m now going to spend my newfound fortune on a new car and put the rest aside,” he explains. “I used to jokingly tell the car dealer that I was just waiting for the big win – and now I really did.”

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