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Account Sharing Costs – “STOP NOW”

Account Sharing Costs – “STOP NOW”

However, Christian Fichter doesn’t think Netflix subscribers are fleeing because of it. “The product is so popular that the willingness to pay is very high,” the consumer psychologist tells The platform offering is pioneering in many respects.

However, some users can switch to the competition. “Because they’re angry that Netflix took this action,” said Fechter.

A street survey on the banks of Lake Zurich showed that many of those treated did not in fact have bank accounts of their own. The new costs make Ronia say goodbye to Netflix, for example.

“I guess I’ll stop because I’ve been thinking about it for a long time anyway,” said the young woman. But she doesn’t want to compete: “I’d like to cut back on consumption anyway and I don’t have time for that. If I miss it, I’ll find out more.”

Meanwhile, most others don’t panic about the extra costs. “I really don’t care,” says Adriana. “The main thing is that I can watch my movies and series.” “As a subscription owner, I simply collect from everyone,” Luca adds with a smile.

Meanwhile, for Alya and Leandro, it’s also clear that they will still be with the largest streaming provider. The latter says: “Mom pays.”

Additional costs “don’t really bother”. “We tried Disney+, but the selection was smaller,” says Leandro. Alia’s companion also wants to continue speaking exclusively to Netflix.