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US economy – The New York Times: Amazon plans to cut jobs

Tech group and mail order company Amazon are planning a report before The New York Times According to the reduction of about 10,000 jobs. Accordingly, it should relate primarily to jobs in the equipment department, in retail, and in the human resources department. This would be about three percent of the total workforce. Amazon has not confirmed the plans yet. If job cuts happen on this scale, it would be the biggest job cuts in Amazon’s history. Some of the major tech companies in the US are currently trying to cut their costs. Facebook recently laid off about 11,000 employees. Even new Twitter chief Elon Musk has laid off half of its roughly 7,500 employees. An interview with company founder Jeff Bezos aired on CNN just hours before Amazon’s plans were released. In it, the fourth richest person in the world expressed pessimism about the current economic situation and recommended that small businesses reduce their costs and prepare for difficult times. In the interview, Bezos also opened up about his plans to donate his vast fortune to charity. He wants to spend a good part of his life fighting climate change. He wants to put the second focus of his donation activities on bringing people together.